Philosophy of Nature

Philosophy of Nature

Lectures: 30

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 30

ECTS credit: 4

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Malec Maja

• The concept of nature in Pre-Socratic philosophy: phýsis, cosmos and ethos;
• Plato's philosophy of nature in Timaeus;
• Aristotle's Physics and the treatise On the Heavens;
• from geocentrism to heliocentrism (from Ptolemy to Copernicus);
• Giordano Bruno, philosopher of infinity;
• Spinoza's pantheism: Deus sive natura;
• mathematics, experience and metaphysics in the modern philosophy of nature (Descartes, Leibniz, Kant, Schelling … );
• phenomenological and analytical conceptions of nature in the 20th century;
• the importance of contemporary science for the philosophy of nature (theory of relativity, quantum physics, biological sciences, genetics, etc.).